Mission of Our Charitable Organization in Albany, NY

As an organization, the Members of the NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc., here after referred to as the ‘Association’, are united by a common interest in empowering and revitalizing peoples and communities, particularly African-American and Puerto Rican, and extended to also include Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and other minorities. Its efforts and programs are directed towards

  1. Utilizing the resources of the ‘Association’ in calling attention to issues of concern facing people of color. Moreover, engaging the participation of community-based organizations; not-for-profits; government agencies and the private sector in assisting in the development of solutions to those identified issues;
  2. As a body, the Members of the ‘Association’ have identified education and youth leadership as its primary focus and will always seek to improve the representation of people of color in higher education. In addition, to providing intern / fellowship opportunities for college / graduate-level students;
  3. Understanding the changeable nature of the economic conditions of New York State, we will implement efforts to provide resources directly to the communities that we represent in order to develop and implement education, human service and economic development initiatives;
  4. Identifying, analyzing and describing those conditions, circumstances and events that undermine and threaten people’s unalienable rights;
  5. Seeking the association and exchanging of information with other like-minded organizations;
  6. Engaging in such other activities as will warrant the public’s trust, confidence, support and respect.

The ‘Association’ has undertaken an ambitious and important mission. The degree of its success depends in large measure upon the support the Association’ receives from the public to whom its service is dedicated.